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Hi, I'm Jayne. I'm a vocal coach.

jayne carmichael norrie vocal coach free singing course

I love to help people.

I'm an introvert that loves to sing.


I like Rick & Morty, and I looooove coffee. 

During the pandemic I have mostly altered between doing yoga and putting food in my face.

Being an introvert, I know performing in public can be hella scary.  

But - some of the best singers are introverts (*cough* Beyonce, *cough*)

I used to shake like a leaf.

But now, I’m just a joyful, sassy wee Scottish lassie, and I love it.  

 I want that for you too x 

Free resources to go..?  Download now, use later

I'm a voice finder.  People tell me,

             "Jayne, I'd love to sing, I just don't know how to start."

Coaching sounds great...but you're really forking scared.

I get it.  I see you.  And I got you.

I was you, just a few years ago.   

Lessons will give you confidence...but you need confidence to go to lessons!  

Well, ain't that a bench 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

Wanna level-up?? 

I got something you take for that - my free singing resource library.

Not sure??  Fair enough.

Check out my free online courses and blog posts

Or join my Facebook group for free training.

One last thing...

I'm a perfectionist, but also impatient.  Loyal and lazy, that's me.  😃

🥇 Yes, I wear my lazy-assedness like a badge of honour. 🏆

Why? Cos the best musicians are lazy; they want the best for the least amount of effort.  

That's how they GET 👏🏻 SHIRT 👏🏻 DONE 👏🏻.

If I can solve your problem in 10 minutes over 10 hours, I'll take the shorter route.  Because introvert.  

Thank you!

Jayne x

Have a great day