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The Forte singing course collection.

If you're a complete beginner, our free vocal courses will get you started.

Got the basics down..?  Then our budget-friendly mini courses help you get everything you need.

Looking for rapid results..? Our high value courses help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, with online and offline support.

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The ABC of Singing - Free singing course for complete beginners

A 3-video course with PDF checklist.

A short, simple course.

Designed for people to have a go at singing and see if they would like to take it further.  

No commitment, no cost.

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1 Week Song Challenge Forte Music School Singer Lady

1 Week Song Challenge - Free course, memorise songs in 5 days

A 5-video course with PDF checklist.

Forgetting the same bits over and over..? It's so frustrating!

We can help!  Achieve that final bit of performance polish with our proven strategies. 

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10 easy warmups for singers of all levels

10 Easy warm-ups for singers of all levels: Our budget-friendly course

5-day video course with downloadable audio & checklists.

Create a fun commute!!

Use your commute to improve your singing in a stress-free way. Set up your own practice playlist. Use our exclusive audio downloads to warm up your voice every day.

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Know Your Voice Course

Know Your Voice: vocal confidence in 30 days.

33 videos, 19 audios, 9 PDF checklists with action steps.


Ever made a squeak like a 12-year old boy being kicked in the balls..? No more!  

We map out your voice; where it sits, what it suits, help it grow and make it shine.

Feel at ease choosing songs that'll show your voice at its best.  Improve ear sensitivity and aural skills.

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