List of free and paid online singing courses by vocal coach Jayne Carmichael Norrie at the Forte Music School.

Free Singing Course The Abc Of Singing Youtube Thumbnail

FREE COURSE: An intro for beginners

The ABC of Singing

A short, simple course.

Easy to have a try, easy to take it further.  

No commitment, no cost.

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Free Singing Course 1 Week Song Challenge Youtube Thumbnail

FREE COURSE: Memorise a song in 5 days

1 Week Song Challenge 

Gain your final performance polish with our proven strategies.

Memorise a song in 5 days.

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10 Easy Warmups Slay Your Playlist Youtube Thumbnail

PAID COURSE: Practice anywhere

10 Easy Warm-ups for singers of all levels

Create a fun commute - Slay your playlist.

A library of fun exercises you can sing anywhere.

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Vocal Course Online Singing Course Know Your Voice Youtube Thumbnail

PREMIUM COURSE: Vocal confidence in 30 days

Know Your Voice: 

Vocal confidence in 30 days.

Expressive freedom, finally.

Next intake December 2018

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