The ABC of Singing - Free singing course for complete beginners

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The Abc Of Singing - Free Singing Course For Complete Beginners

1st March 2017

Have you ever felt you'd like to learn how to sing, but it feels scary? I have a free course for you.

The ABC of Singing - Free singing course for complete beginners

I know a lot of people who enjoy Singing; In the shower, 

in the car, 


But the thought of doing it in front of people can be very scary. 

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It puts people off from going for lessons, trying out for that band you want to join, or singing in your local choir.

Learning to Sing is full of common frustrations:  Trust me, I've been there!

I enjoyed it so much, but I just didn't think I was any good.

Singing meant that much to me if someone were to be critical, I knew it would crush me.  

It was easier not to try at all, rather than risk being completely heartbroken.

If there are people out there like me, I am here to help.

This is a Free Course for those of you who have ever felt like I once felt.  

You might be in a Catch-22:

You would like some help, but you're also really effing scared of people judging you.

You know lessons give you confidence, but you need confidence to go to lessons!

I made this course for people to get some help from a professional singing teacher, and not be judged in any way.  

Here's the feedback we've had from our course:

You also get a Worksheet to help you with remembering the techniques when you apply it to your Singing practice.

Isn't technology a wonderful thing..?  I can reach out to people and show that I care!

I'd love to hear more about your singing story.  

Are you someone coming back to singing after a break?

Have you been singing for years and need a refresher?

I've had pupils from as far away as Chicago and Romania (I'm in Aberdeen,UK).  I love being able to help people from all over the world.

What has motivated you to have a go?

Were you inspired by someone you heard, a great film or TV show?

It's really interesting to hear about people's journeys begin.

Small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x