The ABC of Singing - Free beginner course

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The Abc Of Singing - Free Beginner Course

1st March 2017

Free online singing course with vocal coach Jayne Carmichael Norrie.

The ABC of Singing - Free beginner course

Do you love singing??

But singing in front of people is hella scary..?

Don't worry! I see you, and I got you.

When I began learning?? What a nightmare! If someone criticised, I take it to heart. 

Our course helps you get over that.

Designed for you to have a go, no questions asked.

No commitment, no cost. No judgement.

Register now - add your email below.

I'm here to support you - I want you to find out if you enjoy singing!

If you you love it, great!  I can help you even further in your journey.

If you don't, no hard feelings.  

Small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x