7 Steps to make Song Covers feel like your own

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7 Steps To Make Song Covers Feel Like Your Own

22nd June 2016

Do you wish you could perform a sincere interpretation of a song you like?

7 Steps to make song covers feel like your own. Download your free Ebook.

7 Steps to make Song Covers feel like your own Songs.

Ever tried singing a song, but sound like the original singer? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to get more of your personality into your singing.  Instead of feeling like a clone of some famous person. 

I can help!

Sign up in the video and we’ll show you how to sort it out.

How to create an honest and effective interpretation of the song.  Finally!

We give tips on processes which help you to create a deeper understanding of the song.

Aural skills

When you listen to recordings, your ears have to work hard.  

You have to be able to decipher the basic components of the song.  

More than that, to differentiate from core material of the song, and idiosyncrasies of a particular singer.  

The singer you listen to will have their own style which is part of their unique style/interpretation.  

This may be a decoration in the vocal line, emphasis of certain words, changing dynamics from the original sheet music, etc.

Your job as a singer.

What’s your job as a singer?? I'd like you to bear two things in mind.

First of all, musicians are LAZY

Try to create the best possible outcome with the minimum amount of effort.  

If there’s a way we can make something better by doing less...

Without compromsing on quality of sound, we should do it.

Transmit ideas.

Our aim and purpose is to transmit ideas.  

From us to another person, using nothing but music.

That’s a tall order!  But the best of the best make it look effortless.

Your imagination is the best way to transmit an idea.  That’s why I’ve been telling you it’s so forking important.

Nobody pays money to see a singer that doesn’t move them.  Doesn’t matter how many years of top-level training they’ve had.

🏆 Your imagination is a little gold mine.

✨ Once you hone it and own it, it’s like magic. ✨

It's not enough to just know the lyrics and the melody.  

Your imagination should come alive when you sing.  These ideas might come to you in little snippets from particular phrases of a song.  

Or, they might become one big long storyline that you experience as you perform.

When your imagination is activated in this way, you change the vocal colour of your voice without realising.  

This is what makes the song feel real; both to you, and to your audience.

Download your free Ebook for in-depth strategies that fire up your imagination.

Which Songs are you Covering?  Are you preparing for a performance?  

Please send me a quick message, I'd love to know!

Jayne x

Small wins are where it all begins!