Vibrato Mythbusters - What is Vibrato, How do I get it?

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Vibrato Mythbusters - What Is Vibrato, How Do I Get It?

21st January 2017

We talk about what Vibrato is, how to find it for your Voice, and what to avoid.

Vibrato mythbusters - what is vibrato? How do I get it?

Vibrato Mythbusters - What is Vibrato?  How do I get it?

Where does it live, how can you acquire it?

I know a lot of you get really confused about Vibrato; 

What is it? How can I get it into my voice?

A lot of you get confused between Vibrato and a Trill.

So I'm going to give examples to clear that up.

The first thing to remember:


Forced vibrato sounds horrible. It’s like a weird wobble that people put into their voice to make it sound like they have vibrato, when they don’t. It can cause serious vocal problems. 

Please don't feel bad if Vibrato isn't in your voice when you are starting out. 

It might take a long time for vibrato to develop in your voice. And that’s ok. It’s perfectly normal.

No vibrato ≠ a rubbish voice.  

There are many beautiful singers that have no vibrato.  It’s really not the “be all and end all” of singing.  It’s a “nice to have”, NOT a “must have”.

I had to wait over 10 years to get vibrato into my voice; hopefully you won't have to wait as long as I did!

Vibrato is something that a lot of singers are desperate for.  

As much as it is nice to have a natural vibrato to your voice, the development of good vibrato is one where you have to have a lot of patience.  

Please don't be one of those singers that tenses their voices and create an artificial vibrato, to make their voices sound more mature. 

Put your email in the video for our free guide.  We help you produce a safe vibrato that’ll be wonderful, and more importantly, natural.

Message me to let me know how you felt about this blog post. What was the best thing about it for you?

Jayne x

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!