Lady Musicians: How to Manage your Career During "That Time"

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Lady Musicians: How To Manage Your Career During "that Time"

9th May 2017

Lady Musicians, let's chat about how to manage your career when it's that time of the month. Practical advice on how to manage your period when you have a tight schedule of gigs and teaching to do.

Lady Musicians: How to manage your career during "that time". With free checklist

How to Manage your Career during "time of the month".  

This is a topic that is NEVER talked about!

Being able to give birth to the entire human race is pretty nifty, but it comes with drawbacks.

This is to all the Lady Musicians out there, and to our allies:  I think it's about time we have this frank discussion.  

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Reality check

As with any of life's problems, the solution will not come if we aren't brave enough to talk about the problem in the first place.

Ladies, we all have periods, and it can affect our moods, our energy, and our musical performance.  

One month, you might be feeling ok.  

Another month, you might feel exhausted, dehydrated, frustrated. 

Let's start helping each other with practical advice and tips.  

Allies needed

Our Allies have an important part to play in creating a more supportive and understanding environment for females working in a heavily male-dominated industry. 

In all the music studios I had ever practised in, not once had there ever been any sanitary bins, or any facilities that might hint of a female presence for that matter. 

I'm not asking for much; acknowledgement of our presence and our needs would be a huge step in the right direction.

If a music studio had a sanitary bin AND some spare tampons in a discreet little box somewhere, I think I would keel over in shock! 

Lady Musicians, what advice works best for you?  

Fire me a quick message or share it on our Facebook Group.

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Jayne x

Small wins are where it all begins!