Know Your Voice: vocal confidence in 30 days.

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Know Your Voice: Vocal Confidence In 30 Days.

9th December 2016

Premium online singing course gives vocal confidence in 30 days. Vocal coach Jayne Carmichael Norrie empowers singers of all levels to improve their singing technique with proven strategies

by Our Online Singing Course is perfect for Beginners. We help you Map out your Voice; Where it sits, what it suits, help it grow and make it shine!

Know Your Voice singing course - Vocal confidence in 30 days.

Know Your Voice singing course - vocal confidence in 30 days.

I know how complicated singing is. 

Trust me, I've been there.

Full of snot.  Sobbing with frustration...

Not knowing which songs suit me.

Not knowing what went wrong.

Feeling like giving up, because you have no clue how to get any better.

You try a bit, and sound like a 12-year old boy that's been kicked in the balls.

has that ever happened to you..?

I'm not gonna lie.  

Learning to sing isn't the glamorous pursuit people think it is.  

It's hard work.  

You may feel the most vulnerable you have ever felt.

Sometimes, you feel things are hopeless.

But this is not the end, my friends.  

Know Your Voice is for complete beginners, or for singers returning after a break.  

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You know what you can do, feel confident and make your voice shine!

  • Build:  Map out your voice with enjoyable, structured exercises.
  • Notice problems, and have a clear pathway to fixing them.
  • Adapt: You'll be like a translator, fluent in knowing how to translate spoken English into singing English.
  • Secure: Exercises and techniques for more demanding singing.
  • Feel at ease in choosing songs what will show your voice in its best possible light.
  • Improve ear sensitivity and notice little differences in pitch.

This includes lifetime access to any amendments and improvements we make on the way. 

Tell me, what would you do first with your new-found expressive freedom - go have fun at a karaoke bar, or take part in a open mic? I'd love to know!

Best wishes


Small wins are where it all begins!