How to Use Your Imagination When You Sing

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How To Use Your Imagination When You Sing

27th January 2017

6 Strategies for you to bring your imagination and your own experiences into your Singing.

How to use your imagination when you sing. With a free checklist.

How to Use Your Imagination When You Sing

I’ve been discussing this a lot.

You know exactly what you want to do.  But you don’t know how to get it into your voice.

It’s difficult to develop a strategy.  It can take months.  

It requires a lot of patience and perseverence.

But don’t worry.  

Aunty Jayne is here, and she’s willing to share.

I’ve done the trial and error for you, y’a welcome. AND  developed strategies that work.

So let’s go!

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I’ve given you 6 strategies to get your voice doing what you want it to.

It’s great if you have a good imagination.  But if that imagination doesn’t translate into your voice, you’re wasting everyone’s time.  No-one buys a ticket to see a one-tick pony.

What makes a singer power-up to the next level?? Empathy.

Empathy is something I’m really good at.  I can imagine the exact sound I want for a particular song. 

It’s really important you have a clear idea what sound you want.

Make it clear to yourself by describing it in lots of different ways.  Either in your mind or on a page.  

Not everyone finds empathy as easy as I do.  And that’s ok.

Vocal colour

Sometimes it's a nightmare trying to find the right vocal colour.

One that’s just right for what you’ve imagined in your head.

This stuff is really tough, so please don’t worry if it take you a while to get it. Especially if you haven't had much experience of doing it before.

These strategies help you transplant the colour ideas out of your head.

The role of a singer is to transplant an idea from their head to someone else's. 

How do we do that?  By engaging your imagination.

The brain is the organ for all of your emotions.

A song which doesn't involve your emotions feels dead.

This is why practising your songs is so important.  

It is very, very difficult to engage your imagination and bring your empathy and emotions into a song when you are struggling to remember the melody, lyrics, etc.

Build it up one thing at a time.

Only when you have completely memorised all components of the song can you really invest emotionally in the meaning and purpose of the music.

Which strategy in this blog post works best for you?  

Send me a quick message and tell me.

Jayne x

Small wins are where it all begins!