How to Memorise A Song - 5 Strategies with free checklist

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How To Memorise A Song - 5 Strategies With Free Checklist

9th February 2017

6 Strategies You Can Use To Help with Memorising A Song

How to memorise a song. With free checklist.

How to Memorise a Song

Many of you feel a pang of dread when you have to memorise. 

Feels pretty overwhelming?? Where do you even start?

I think of memorising is a bit like a muscle.

It gets stronger and stronger the more the practice.

It gets easier when you have a strategy.

You might be struggling with how to memorise.

Please don't sweat it.

I got you.

This guide is for you.  And it’s free.

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I give 6 strategies that I personally use when I am memorising a song.  

Tried and tested by me.  

Right now, you might be questioning why singers have to memorise.  

Why do we have to perform from memory, when other instruments don't have to?

It seems a bit unfair. 

Singers are expected to sing from memory most of the time, but there are some circumstances where they are allowed to perform with sheet music.  

You can have a lyrics sheet if you were singing in a function band. You're allowed sheet music if you are performing a contemporary piece of classical music.

Sing at your best 

You should bear in mind; most singers perform their best when they have things memorised.

When you are looking blankly at a lyrics sheet, a lot of singers lapse into old habits.  

Not thinking about their interpretation of the song.

Hiding behind a music stand.

Not doing any proper "desk work" to understand the music.  

Singers use them a crutch to disguise lazy, or incomplete, working method.  Don’t be one of these asshats that gives the rest of us a bad reputation.


Memorising isn't easy, so it helps a lot of you have a clear strategy. 

Your mind works best when it can see a clear pathway to what you are trying to achieve, with clear action steps.  

Even if they’re teeny-tiny steps to start with.  

That’s ok.

Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated.  

Do you have particular songs that you find are easier to memorise?  

What are they?  

Does it help if it's music that you absolutely love?  

Or does it help to focus if the music is challenging, irrespective of whether you like it?

Jayne x

Small wins are where it all begins!