How to Memorise A Song - 5 Strategies with free checklist

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How To Memorise A Song - 5 Strategies With Free Checklist

9th February 2017

How to memorise a song. With free checklist.

How to Memorise a Song

Feel a pang of dread when you have to memorise? 

Memorising is a bit like a muscle. It gets stronger the more you flex 💪.

It's easier when you have a strategy.

You might be struggling rn - I got you. 

This guide is for you.  And it’s free.


I give 6 strategies - tried and tested by me.  

Play the vid, & put your email in the checkbox for your free checklist.

Sing at your best 

You should bear in mind

Most singers perform best when songs are memorised.

When you look blankly at a lyrics sheet, singers can lapse into old habits:.  

Not thinking about their interpretation of the song.

Hiding behind a music stand.

Not doing any proper "desk work" to understand the music.  

Singers use lyrics sheets as a crutch to disguise lazy working method.

Don’t be one of these asshats that gives the rest of us a bad reputation.


Memorising isn't easy, so it helps a lot of you have a clear strategy. 

Your mind works best when it has a clear pathway, with clear action steps.  

Even if they’re teeny-tiny steps to start with.  

That’s ok.

I'm your singing bestie helping you get the fast track to your goals. Watch the vid for free advice and memorising checklists!

Jayne x

Small wins are where it all begins!