The 1 Week Song Challenge - Memorise songs in 5 days

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The 1 Week Song Challenge - Memorise Songs In 5 Days

22nd May 2017

We make memorising songs easier in 5 days. Free Video Course with 25-point worksheets.

The 1 Week Song Challenge - Memorise songs in 5 days.

The 1 Week Song Challenge Course

Calling all who love to Sing and want to do more of it.

You may have some experience of performing, but memorising Songs has always felt difficult.

Let's work on this together!

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As a Singer and a Singing Teacher, I have acquired the skill of being able to memorise pretty easily. 

But it was not always like that for me.

When I first started to Sing, memorising a song was soo difficult.  

I always got stuck at the same parts of the Song (over and over and over!) These 'bumps in the road' occurred at the same place. 

Every. Single. Time.  

Why was I always forgetting at the same place?  I had no idea.

The key for memorising is to have a clear strategy.

The 1 Week Song Challenge Course is a series of live Videos from our Webinar course we had earlier on in the year.  

Perfect for those who weren't ready for the challenge at the time, but are ready now.

We will choose a song that will suit your individual voice, one that you can work on and memorise in a week.

If we all commit to this laser-focused push, we'll experience creative breakthroughs!  

Register for the 1 Week Song Challenge Course by adding your email to the sign-up on the Video.

I have an Exclusive 25-point Workbook that specifies every single step you have to take.  

I go into minute detail.  

There's no room for guessing or feeling unsure.  

We've had some great feedback so far from our pupils:

1 week song challenge course testimonial well structured

focus on improving fast testimonial 1 week song challenge course

All you need to bring is your willingness to dedicate yourself to the challenge, everything else is done for you.

Plus!  I'll be giving you real-time insight into the memorising process as I do it alongside you.

You'll be truly amazed at what you can achieve when you focus completely on developing one skill for a few days, with a little bit of guidance and support.

All of the action steps are set out in the worksheets.  

But it's only you that can take them, my friend.  

All of this means nothing if it doesn't help you step into action.

Jayne x

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!