10 Easy warm-ups for singers of all levels

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10 Easy Warm-Ups For Singers Of All Levels

17th August 2017

If you think warmups are boring, you're doing them wrong! They are fun and motivating.

10 Easy warm-ups for singers of all levels

10 Easy warmups for Singers of all levels

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How do you feel about warm-ups?

I'm sure some of you think they're boring and dumb.

They are an essential part of your development as a singer.  

They shouldn't be overlooked or done in a half-assed way to get to the more exciting stuff.

Think of them like an insurance policy for your voice.  

A good warmup routine will instil a good singing technique into your mind and body. 

So, next time you try something too advanced,

or you haven't prepped properly for it,

the warmups (your insurance policy) protect your voice.  

even when it's YOU that's being dumb,

trying to do vocal acrobatics that you aren't prepared for (oops).

It'll say it again, because it's worth saying it again.

Warmups are VITAL for your voice. 

Good warmups improve your singing.   

You won't notice, the best exercises are fun and keep you motivated. 

I point-blank refuse to do a lesson without warmups, and I can't think of any respectable singing teacher that would skip over them.

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What experiences have you had with warm-ups? Please tell me your happy times and your horror stories here.

Thank you so much!


Small wins are where it all begins!